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6 Steps to Getting Higher-Quality Facebook Lead Ads


Facebook lead ads are mobile-friendly, budget-friendly ads that can help you reach your audience and acquire more leads – even when they’re on their phones. But more leads doesn’t always mean better leads. Do we want to focus on quantity or quality? A higher volume of low converting leads will have a lower cost per lead than a lower volume of quality leads – but I would prefer the later! 

By following these six simple steps, through my experience, I have seen higher converting Facebook lead ads that turn into new clients and customers. 

What Can Facebook Lead Ads be used for?

  • Collect email sign-ups: Get more people to subscribe to your newsletters and email marketing with lead ads. 
  • Manage inquiry forms:  Collect inquiries from potential customers, asking them questions to learn more about what they’re interested in. 
  • Offer deals or promotions: Entice people with special deals and promotions to create interest in your business. Get them to fill out your lead form to access the deal.

Facebook Lead Ad Strategy

  1. Give people a reason to fill out the form: To get someone to give you their personal information, you need to be offering them something they want. Depending on your business, you can offer a free consultation, free information/resources, free quote, early access to an exclusive product or to join a mailing list of interest to them.

  1. Know what Information you require: What I have found helpful in getting higher quality leads is to NOT allow Facebook to pre-populate the lead-ad form. Sometimes people sign up with an old email address that they cannot access! Making it a little harder for people to sign up will make the ones that do a higher quality lead. 
    • What do you require? Name, phone number, email, address? You can also add in Yes or No questions (ex: are you a business owner) as well as multiple choice and other customized questions that may require a longer response. 

  1. Customized Questions Having a person fill out a custom question specific to your business will result in higher quality leads.

Ask the Right Questions on Your Instant Form


Image Source: Facebook Business

  1. Target the right people: There are a few different options here (1) target a cold audience or (2) target a warm audience.
    • Cold audience: To gain conversions, you need to understand the demographics of the people who would be most likely to use your product/service, what interests these people have, and where to find them. I found this great infographic of all Facebook Target options (see here). Remember, if you get too specific, you risk excluding a chunk of potential customers; if you aren’t specific at all, you risk your ad getting ignored.
    • Warm audience: To gain conversions, your easiest audience to start with is a lookalike of lead audience. To target this custom audience, upload a customer database of your leads or purchasers (if applicable) and then create a 1-2% lookalike of this database. You can also target people who have engaged with your business, and you can use Facebook’s engagement targeting options to reach these people using data from your Facebook pixel.

  1. Verify Information Collected: In order to ensure the information you collect is accurate and prevent the likelihood of typos, add a page that allows people to check their details. This is also useful in case someone’s contact details have changed since they last filled them out on Facebook. To add this option to your form, select “Higher intent” when choosing your form type (rather than “higher volume”). 

  1. Customize the thank you page: Facebook lead ads allows you to write your prospect customer a Thank You message once they hit “submit.” Be sure to BE CLEAR what the next steps will be and what/when they can expect a follow up from you!
    • Another option is to make a custom landing page specific for this campaign with a CTA. Some good CTAs to use are: 
    • View website
    • Download an offer/resource
    • Call business

BONUS #7: 

It’s important to have a way to respond to a customer almost IMMEDIATELY after they submit their info to a lead ad (even if it’s at 10pm! This is where using an app like Leadsbridge (which I have a subscription to) or Zapier come in handy. These apps connect Facebook Leads to your CRM and can produce an email or text message directly to the prospec

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